I am running for Espoo city council as a Green candidate. The election date is 28th of October, 2012. Espoo is the second biggest city of Finland, so getting elected requires a great effort and a good team! Let us know if you want to join that team.

There are as many ways to support my election as there are supporters: come up with ideas, hand out flyers, borrow a car or a bike, make coffee, donate a dime, and most of all, tell your friends (especially in Espoo) about a great candidate! All the help is appreciated, whether it is an hour or a hundred. You can also get your friends involved in the greatest (and funniest) campaign of the fall.

Welcome! You are not committed to anything by joining the support group, but by filling out this form you will stay on top of what’s going on in the campaign.


Your information will be held confidential and will not be given to any third parties.