The Future is Built Today

The world will not get better by itself. Finland needs a new generation of decision-makers who are ready to bear responsibility and have the determination needed to save the world. That’s why I’m running to be a Member of the Parliament.

I am a 31-year-old Master of Science (Tech.) and Espoo City Councilwoman and Chairman of the Social and Health Committee. I work as the Secretary General of The Union of Upper Secondary School Students in Finland (SLL).

I am an analytical optimist and a resolute feminist working relentlessly for a better world. I am in politics to defend education, gender equality and the environment. My core values are equality, justice, freedom, humanity and openness.

Ability to solve problems. Willingness to learn. Courage to make tough decisions. Desire to find common ground. Guts to take action according to one’s values. I believe these traits should be demanded of all decision-makers. As a Member of Parliament, I promise to act according to these principles.

In the upcoming parliamentary election, we determine Finland’s direction for the next four years. This is a crucial moment for stopping climate change. It is our job to build a society that works within the limits of our environmental capacity. I firmly believe that this can be achieved in a just manner while fighting poverty, defending education, protecting nature and strengthening our equality.

Remember to vote in the Parliamentary elections on April 14, 2019!


As a Member of Parliament, I will do everything I can to ensure access to good education for everyone. We should hold on to tuition free education and good teachers. Let’s make sure that everyone gets second degree education after elementary school and let’s invest in research and continuous learning. Let’s restore each child’s right to early childhood education and guarantee small group sizes.


As a Member of Parliament, I will do everything I can to improve mental health services and care for everyone. We must make it easier to seek help. Everyone in need should get support and care without unnecessary struggles. Let’s strengthen our basic services, fight social exclusion and renew our social security system with basic income. Let’s cherish and strengthen our Nordic welfare model.


As a Member of the Parliament, I will do everything I can to renew family leaves and make equality a reality. We must relentlessly defend equality and human rights. Feminism is needed in maternity clinics, kindergartens, the army, custody disputes as well as at any workplace.


As a Member of the Parliament, I will do everything I can to stop climate change and protect the nature. Global warming must be limited to 1.5 degrees and the extinction wave of species must be stopped to keep our planet viable for future generations. Let’s quit coal, build tracks and protect the forests, swamps and the Baltic Sea.


  1. Vote in the Uusimaa district on April 14, 2019 with the number 412.
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