A good city is a place where it’s good to live, easy transportation, there are great options for an education and work. We need to build a comfortable city, with great transportation connections to both services and the nature. Getting along with our neighboring cities and bringing decision making closer to people is important.

Let’s welcome all our new fellow city dwellers with open arms without looking at their income level or nationality!

For the last four years I have been building a more open, more clever and more people oriented city in the town council and city government of Espoo. I have defended every child’s right to high-quality early childhood education, sped up the building of student housing, demanded transparency, shaken up modes of operation, and worked to promote education, prevention of problems, youth work, as well as, public transportation.

There is so much more to do! And that is why I want to work hard for a better Espoo.   

A city, where every school is welcoming

High-quality early childhood education has a huge impact on a child’s learning and wellbeing. It equalizes differences that arise from family backgrounds and prevents over-generational poverty, but is useful for children coming from all walks of life. High-quality early childhood education is an effective way to support continuous learning, skills needed in school and to prevent social exclusion. That is why I believe every child has a right to early childhood education.

How have I worked toward this goal so far?

As a member of the municipal council in Espoo, I have defended the funding of daycare centres and schools, wide course selections in high schools and more face time with teachers in vocational training. I have written about youth work for queer teens. Furthermore, as a result of my city council initiative youth in Espoo now have access to free contraception.

What next?

  • Let’s maintain every child’s right to high-quality early childhood education. Let’s keep group sizes small.
  • Let’s offer high-quality early childhood education to even more children and families. Let’s take steps toward free early childhood education.
  • Let’s fix our mouldy schools immediately!
  • Let’s make sure that every school is welcoming and offers a great education. Let’s give special support to schools that are accumulating problems.
  • Let’s strengthen teacher training, so that education stays relevant and every child and youth is met as an individual.
  • Let’s make sure every graduating student has a spot in high school or vocational training.  
  • Let’s make sure students in vocational training have enough face time with teachers, and ensure that both vocational schools and high schools have a wide selection of courses.

A city that is a great place to live and where it is easy to move around

We need smart city planning. Espoo needs a tighter city structure, with services close by, easy public transportation and with enough sidewalks and bike lanes. The station areas of the West Metro and train stops should be built to serve as centers for living, services and transportation connections.

The city should actively combat inequality. Every person living in Espoo and moving to Espoo should have the right to quality housing despite income level. Building of new rental housing should be expedited and spread around the city.

Students bring vitality to a municipality. Well functioning student services create a good environment for higher education, vocational training and high schools. That’s why we should maintain student discounts in public transportation and to plan inexpensive student housing near education facilities.

How have I worked toward this goal so far?

As a member of the city council I have worked to ensure affordable student housing close to education facilities, like in Otaniemi. I have fought against raising the price of public transport, defended student discounts and accessibility. I have also worked for transparency and reason in the West Metro -project. Espoo will have a city bikes trial next summer, thanks to my city council initiative.

What next?

  • Let’s plan and build more affordable housing close to great public transportation connections.
  • Let’s build less parking lots where owning a car is not a necessity.
  • Let’s add the pull power of public transportation by lowering fares, bettering connections and making sure all students have a discount.
  • Let’s make sure public transport and the city environment in general is accessible to all, including the handicapped.
  • Let’s make Espoo into a lovely biking city and let’s make city bikes a permanent part of connecting to the West Metro.
  • Let’s make West Metro work and learn from the process, when continuing building toward Kivenlahti.
  • Let’s build the Jokeri Light Rail Line in a smart way.

An open city – where everyone is looked after

Decisionmaking in the municipality should be more transparent and open to people. People living in Espoo should have the right to influence decisions all the time, not just during elections and by making appeals.

How have I worked toward this goal so far?

As a member of city council I have brought more transparency and orientation toward goals into the companies owned by the city. I have also defended Finnish lessons for immigrants, promoted discussion on the effects of the current family leave system on gender equality, demanded better communication about moldy schools, suggested a vote on municipality mergers and fought against racism. Thanks to my city council initiative all public buying receipts are now published as open data.  

What next?

  • Let’s make sure that asylum seekers can stay in Espoo after they receive asylum.
  • Let’s make sure that no one has to sleep in the freezing cold. And that everyone receives health care when they get sick. Let’s organize shelters and wider health care for the paperless.
  • Let’s promote equality in all city affairs. Let’s train the staff of the city to meet different kinds of people and minorities, and to take action against structural discrimination.
  • Let’s all celebrate together those who get Finnish citizenship.
  • Let’s add more transparency to the city owned companies and everything run by the city.
  • Let’s put a stop to craziness to the likes of what has happened in Suomenoja.